Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Grand Finale! Bucksport to Bar Harbor, Maine 47.3 miles

A perfect day to end this party! A forecast of rain but it never appeared - cool ,sunny and breezy and we scooted along smartly to make it to Bar Harbor by the group picture time of 1:00. Everyone made it safe and sound and we celebrated tonight with a tasty dinner at a local restaurant. A few songs, speeches, hoots and hollers and great merriment all around.
   Started the day with incredible homemade cinnamon rolls
   and potato omelette. Emily outdoes herself!
   Rode through beautiful Acadia National Park on the way 
    to the finish

    One last lobster roll...
    ....and ice cream cone

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rockport to Bucksport, Maine 43.1 miles

 Another " rolling rest day". Followed Penobscot Bay and River today.  Great weather, sun and Katie , Kathy Q and I broke our record for the most stops to eat and sightsee. First stop an organic farm to table lunch in Belfast , then a stop 5 miles down the road in Searsport for a bakery dessert, then surprise.....5 miles later an ice cream stop--our unlimited eating of anything and everything will be ending tomorrow sadly! 
  Guide Michelle changing a tire while carrying 
  on  a conversation- impressive!
  Nancy and Emily from Boston

  Belted Galloway cows in Camden
  Little cottage on a little island

   Beautiful riding today 
  Planters in Belfast 
  Penobscot River near Bucksport
  Bridge over the Penobscot River
   View from the top of the bridge tower
  And finally, crossing the bridge

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Freeport to Rockport, Maine. 69.2 miles

Wet dreary, foggy day with rain the last 25 miles, oh yes and 4500 feet of climbing- another challenging day. I think I'm ready for this party to end .. And it will soon!
  A lively sag stop in Bath, Maine
  Bike trail along the Androscoggin River
 Crossing the Kennebec River in Bath
    More Lupines 
   An exuberant moment a few 
    days ago
    Riding into Darmariscotta

Monday, June 8, 2015

Freeport Rest Day Fun

    When in Freeport....
    Just a small example of the taxidermy inside the store

    At Linda Bean's restaurant.. A lobster roll to rival the
     Maine Diner
   Our lovely hotel

Freeport, Maine. Rest day

Pets I've met along our route...
   Ghishi  with a gas station cat
  Sadie visiting her mom, Barbara
  Bike shop dog
  Funny dog!
     Happy old dog
  Clarence the plotthound, bred in Germany to tree bears
  Mr Animal man Foo with a friend
    Beautiful, calm therapy dogs
   Funny guy 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kennebunk to Freeport, ME 64.5 miles

Well, today was a "reach down deep" day. For the first 20 miles I kept checking my tires for a flat and the break pads for possible rubbing but finally decided it was not the bike , it was me.  Had no energy today. We left the coast and went inland to skirt urban Portland.  Beautiful cool, sunny weather but hills, no shoulders, Sunday traffic and rough roads - it was a long day. However the day was redeemed with a lobster roll in Freeport ( Maine Diner lobster roll still rules) and a rest day tomorrow ( our last) at the beautiful Harraseeket Inn in downtown Freeport.  Perhaps some L.L. bean shopping tomorrow?
    Many barns attached to houses in rural Maine but
     not here
   My favorite part of the ride...

     Lupines growing wild along the road and in the fields
  Late lunch after a long day
  Q with the restorative watermelon 
   cucumber martini- who needs
    Gatorade or chocolate milk?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hampton, NH to Kennebunk, MAINE 46.6 miles

Final border crossing today into Maine. After a coffee stop in Portsmouth, NH on this "rolling rest day" as guide Michelle called it, we crossed the Piscataguah River into Maine. Beautiful sights everywhere; salt marshes, coves, bridges, boats, quaint towns, rocky coast and ocean vistas and Saturday tourist and bike traffic.  Haven't found Cabot Cove yet- Angela Lansberry where are you? My goal is a lobster roll everyday until the tour ends- I made it work today!
   Coffee stop
  Over the bridge to Maine
    Hardy souls on the beach 
   Lilacs still blooming in Maine
   Nubble Lighthouse on York Beach
  Nancy's last sag day today
   At the Maine Diner for.....wait for it......
   My first official 2015 Maine lobster roll
  Gail modeling a shirt we haven't 
   seen yet- how could that be?